Akron’s Rib White and Blue Festival

Akron Rib Festival BBQ Pit MasterThe City of Akron always schedules their annual ribs festival around the 4th of July holidays. This is very convenient for all the Independence Day revelers to enjoy some of the country’s greatest barbecue available in our humble little city.

The city selects 10 rib vendors for the festival to give the attendees a good range of selection to choose from. This year, the crowd was large as usual and there were certain rib masters which were more popular than others. I visited the festival two days in a row and both times I saw long lines of people waiting to get their smoked meats at the Carolina Rib King stand.

Akron Eats Rib Vendor Carolina Rib KingOn my first visit, I ordered the beef brisket sandwich (see picture below) from the Pigfoot Bar B Q Cooking Team. I was impressed by how moist and tender the shredded meat was. This vendor offered three choice of sauces, milk, golden and hot. The hot BBQ sauce I drizzled over my brisket gave the sandwich just enough of a kick to make the flavor profile come together.

On my second visit to the ribs festival, I tried the ribs and another beef brisket sandwich from the most popular vendor at the event, Carolina Rib King. Their ribs were very smoky, tender and tasty. I can understand why people didn’t mind waiting waiting in long lines for their food. Comparatively though, their beef brisket did not taste as good what I was served the day before from their competitor, Pigfoot Bar B Q Cooking Team.

Akron Eats Beef Brisket Sandwich from PigfootThe annual rib festival is always one of the most popular event in downtown Akron each year. The city closes off part of Main St. to set up the food tents and they bring in excellent musical artists for free evening entertainment for everybody.

If you’re looking for a fun family event, I highly recommend this festival. There is no admission fee, and it’s always held during the 4th of July holiday so you can stay for the fireworks after eating delicious smoked meats and being entertained by fantastic musical performers. See you there next year?

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