BBQ Ribs and Brisket at Old Carolina Barbecue Company

Akron Eats BBQ Ribs and BrisketMany of the food television shows have been showcasing barbecue meats and sauces these days because it’s finally summer in the United States.  This gave me a craving for some smoked meats dipped in some bbq sauce because that’s the way I like it.

Recently, we dropped in at Old Carolina Barbecue Company to satisfy my bbq craving. This business has 8 locations mostly in Northeast Ohio and one near me in Akron. I ordered The Texas which consisted of ribs, brisket, two sides (I ordered the fries and hush puppies) and a corn muffin.  The most impressive item I ate was their beef brisket. It was moist, tender and beefy. The ribs, unfortunately, seemed a little too dry and did not meet my expectations.

I am looking forward to Akron’s annual Rib Festival in a few weeks where I will be sampling smoked meats from as many as 10 BBQ Rib Masters all over the country.


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