Breakfast at Flury’s Cafe

Akron Eats - Flury's Cafe
Earlier this week, I finally decided to seek out the community’s favorite breakfast hangout, Flury’s Cafe.  My GPS guided me there but I was surprised that the restaurant was tucked into a residential street off State Rd. in Cuyahoga Falls. Despite this fact, Flury’s has made quite a name for itself among the locals.
Flury's Cafe Entrance




This establishment  is a cozy place, open during breakfast and lunch hours and they only accept cash so make sure you have enough hard currency before you sit down. Their seating is limited but thankfully my visit during off-peak hours gave me choices.
Flury's Cafe - Chorizo Western Scramble

I chose a booth next to the kitchen, beside the flat-top griddle where the cook whipped up the food. The staff was very friendly and made me feel very welcome. That morning, I ordered a Chorizo Western Scramble and Potato Pancakes with two eggs and sausages. I struck up a conversation with the owner/cook and asked her about the meats which I found to be very tasty.

Flury's Cafe - Potato Pancakes
She informed me that they weren’t home-made (like I thought they were) but were bought in bulk from a local food warehouse.

I had a satisfying breakfast that morning and I will definitely stop back to try their pancakes, and old fashioned milk shakes which I’m told are a popular items there.


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