Chicken Pot Pie at West Point Market, Akron

Akron Eats Chicken Pot Pie West Point MarketThe West Point Market in Akron should not be confused with the West Side Market in Cleveland although some people do. This market in Akron is a high-end grocery store located in the Wallhaven neighborhood of Akron, OH and within lies a small cafe which serves some spectacular sandwiches, a large variety of gourmet soups and a few selection of hot dishes.

One of their most popular items on the menu is the Chicken Pot Pie (pictured above). Their pies are so beloved that some visitors to our fair city pack them in ice to take home with them. I too, find them to be quite good. The crust is very light and flaky, and the filling of vegetables and chunky pieces of chicken to be quite flavorful.

If you visit the West Point Market, please make it a point to stop at their cafe, and their bakery, located at the rear of the building. Their bakers make the most wonderful pastries which you must try for yourself.


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