Fried Oysters in Tallmadge, Ohio

Akron Eats - Fried OystersI was introduced to Sammie’s Bar and Grill at the National Hamburger Festival a few weeks ago. Sammie’s had a tent at the event and even won an award for Best Traditional Burger this year.

The fried oysters on their menu made it very attractive for me to visit this establishment, and so I went on a fine summer afternoon.

I have to say that their deep fried oysters, served with horseradish and cocktail sauce (12 for $12) did not disappoint.

The oysters had a crunchy and seasoned light bread coating on the outside while being juicy and perfectly done on the inside.

I also tried their S-Car-Gooooooo ($11.95) because it was unusual to have snails on menu of a bar and grill. Unfortunately, the dish fell short of my very modest expectations. The item had a very heavy and thick layer of almost melted cheese, and the bottom layer of twelve, very bland escargot swimming in a pool of butter. Needless to say, it wasn’t very appetizing and sat heavy in the stomach.

Akron Eats - SalmonThe entrees, Salmon (horseradish crusted) and Beef Short Ribs, were served shortly afterward. The fish was cooked well and the crust complemented the taste of the salmon.

The Beef Short Ribs (from a separate seasonal menu) was very tender and glazed lightly with a barbecue sauce. I inquired if the sauce was homemade but was told that it was from a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s. It was tasty enough but really nothing too memorable about this dish. It would have been nice for the chef to add his stamp on the item by whipping up his own sauce.

In conclusion, there were some hits and misses at Sammie’s Bar and Grill in Tallmadge. I would return for the oysters and salmon and perhaps try a couple of other items including their award winning hamburger.

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