Fried Pork Riblets with Steamed Rice.

Akron Eats - Fried RibletsMy favorite meat is pork and I particularly love it on the bone. Riblets aren’t a cut of pork I would normally find in the grocery stores unless I ask the butcher to take a saw to a rack of ribs, across the bone. However, at the larger Asian meat counters, these morsels are readily available to purchase as is.

Sometimes, I would add them to my curry laksa noodle soup dish but other times, I just marinate them in some honey and other savory Asian sauces overnight, flour them and stick them in pan to fry. Eaten with steamed rice and a vegetable (like Chinese Broccoli or Bok Choy), it is is most one of the most appetizing food item I can think of for a simple meal at home.


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