Grilled Pork Chops And Steamed Jasmine Rice

Delicious Akron Eats at home, Pork Chops and ricePork chops areĀ one of my favorite meat to grill outdoors in the summer time. I marinate the center cut (bone-in) pork chops overnight with a soy sauce based wet rub and then throw them onto a sizzling hot grill when I’m ready to eat. The wet rub also includes some 5 spice powder, some white pepper and a little bit of brown sugar to give it a nice caramelization at the end. Sometimes, I like to roast a potato on the grill but I also like rice a lot. I buy my rice in 25lb bags at the Asian grocery stores. My favorite is Elephant brand Jasmine rice – 2 cups of that , cooked 16 minutes in the microwave makes a great accompaniment to my pork chops and it’s a great hit with all in the household.

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