Sausage Pizza at Mary Coyle’s Ice Cream and Italian Food

Akron Eats - Trecaso's Sausage PizzaMary Coyle’s┬áhas been a permanent fixture in my neighborhood of Highland Square in Akron for many years. Originally, it was just a ice cream parlor but after Mr. Michael Trecaso bought the store, he added a small selection of his famous Italian food to the menu. My usual dining experience at this restaurant is to order a plate of spaghetti with their famous award-winning meat-sauce, an order of meatballs (2) and all washed down with a sweet and creamy Boston Cooler (it’s like a thin milk shake). Recently, Mr. Trecaso added his “Old World Pizza” to the menu and so I ordered one to go after my dinner. Pictured is the homemade-sausage pizza that I tried and enjoyed. If you’re ever in West Akron hungry for some Italian food and ice cream treats, drop by this place and tell me what you think.

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