Spicy Chili Chicken Ramen at Wagamama, Boston

Akron Eats - Wagamama Chili Chicken RamenWe don’t have any chain noodle shops in the Akron/Canton region of Ohio (and I’m not even sure if there’s any in the surrounding Cleveland area) so I was very excited to a billboard advertising something called Wagamama when I was in Boston recently. Of course, I looked up the closest location and gratefully it was within walking distance because I was hungry. After perusing the menu, I chose the spicy Chili Chicken Ramen which is pictured above. I must say that for a chain, casual semi-fast food restaurant, the dish was quite good. The ingredients were fresh, the noodles were firm, and the broth was quite flavorful. Now, who should I write to to bring a branch or two here in North East Ohio?


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