Vietnamese Pork Chops @ E. 30th Street Cafe, Cleveland

Akron Eats - Vietnamese Pork ChopsI visit Asia Plaza on Payne in Cleveland perhaps once a month, if not more. There are two restaurants within the plaza – Li Wah, which I’ve been a patron of since 1994, and the newer E. 30th St. Cafe located toward the rear of the building.

E. 30th St. Cafe has a rather large and diversified menu which include Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and American cuisine, and all at reasonable prices. Of all the dishes I’ve eaten there, the Vietnamese Pork Chops (pictured above) and rice is my all time favorite. The pork is juicy and tender, savory with a hint of sweetness, most probably marinated overnight in a secret sauces and seasonings. You get two standard sized thin pork chops, some picked radishes and carrots, ¬†few slices of cucumber, steamed white rice and a sunny side up fried egg, all for under $8. This is a hearty dish, so forget the appetizers or you’ll get leftovers to take home.


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